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HOPL (K-Project)


Heuristic Optimization in Production and Logistics

The primary objective of this K-Project coordinated by FH OÖ (Prof. Michael Affenzeller) is to create new problem modeling and optimization methodologies enabling researchers to create integrated solutions for real-world problems.
These methodologies allow the combination of multiple optimization approaches into
optimization networks which enable better and more accurate representations of real world
systems. Researching new hybrid approaches and simulation-based optimization algorithms
creates the scientific basis for successful application of these networks.

The project is divided into three main Areas:

  • Area 1: Combinatorial and Simulation-Based Optimization
  • Area 2: Data-Based Systems Modeling
  • Area 3: Strategic Research

The role of our department is to support the project and the coordinator with our expertise in system identification, soft computing and fuzzy systems as well as any aspects of data-driven modeling, machine learning and fault diagnosis. Hence, the basic involvement takes place in Area 2 alongside some activities within Area 3 in form of strategic research aspects and incubator for emerging research.


FH OÖ – University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria (Michael Affenzeller)

Research Groups and Institutes:

  • Heuristic and Evolutionary Algorithms Laboratory (HEAL) and Logistikum at FH OÖ
  • Production and Logistics Management (PLM)
  • Department of Knowledge-Based Mathematical Systems
    (Fuzzy Logic Laboratory Linz – FLLL)
  • Profactor
  • RISC Software
  • V-Research

Company Partners:

  • Voestalpine
  • Rosenbauer
  • Carvatech
  • Gebrüder Weiss
  • Eurofoam
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