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pureImage is a plug-in development framework that provides a common plug-in interface, generic data structures, and a uniform workflow managed by a runtime environment.

The essence of pureImage can be described from one of two perspectives: pureImage is a rapid-prototyping tool. For developers who want to write image processing algorithms in C++ in a modular way, pureImage is a framework that provides an easy way to create new plug-ins with a common interface, and allows to use them in a managed environments. pureImage is a cross-language interface. For developers who want to re-use algorithms from existing image processing libraries (such as CImg, OpenCV, etc.) in another environment (such as Java, Matlab, etc.), pureImage is a plug-in framework that provides an uniform interface to image processing algorithms with respect to workflow and data structures. To learn more about pureImage, go to the documentation at the pureImage wiki pages. To start working with pureImage, download the distribution in the files section. pureImage is released under the terms of GPL v3.

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