Linz Seminar on Fuzzy Set Theory

Archive 1996 - to date

1979-1994 1996 - to date


Copulas — Theory and Applications
Many-valued Logics: Theory and Applications Set Functions in Games and Decision
Enriched Category Theory and Related Topics
Functional Equations and Inequalities Graded logical approaches and their applications
Non-Classical Measures and Integrals
Enriched Category Theory and Related Topics
Decision theory: qualitative and quantitative approaches
Lattice-Valued Logic and its Applications
The Legacy of 30 Seminars - Where Do We Stand and Where Do We Go?
Foundations of Lattice-Valued Mathematics with Applications to Algebra and Topology
Fuzzy Sets, Probability, and Statistics - Gaps and Bridges
Preferences, Games and Decisions
Fuzzy Logics and Related Structures
Mathematics of Fuzzy Systems
Triangular Norms and Related Operators in Many-Valued Logics
Analytical Methods and Fuzzy Sets
Valued Relations and Capacities in Decision Theory
Mathematical Aspects of Non-classical Logics and Fuzzy Inference
Topological and Algebraic Structures
Non-Classical Measures and their Applications to Decision Making
Enriched Lattice Structures for Many-Valued and Fuzzy Logics
Fuzzy Sets, Logics, and Artificial Intelligence