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Thomas Vetterlein

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 JKU (S2 0603) 0043 732 2468 4148

Studentische Sprechstunde: donnerstags 17:00 im Science-Park 2, Raum 0603; ohne Voranmeldung



Research interests:

  • Many-valued logics and related algebras
    • residuated lattices
    • fuzzy logics
  • Quantum structures
    • orthomodular lattices
    • characterisation of the Hilbert space
  • Foundational issues
    • foundations of logic and mathematics
    • classification and representation of natural-language statements


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  • Participance in the project Mathematical Foundations of Fuzzy If-Then Rule Bases, part of the Collaborative Research Center "Computational Intelligence" (SFB 531), which was supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG)
  • Participance in the project Analytic Systems and Dialogue Games as Semantics of Fuzzy Logics at the Institute of Computer Languages (Theory and Logic Group) at the Vienna University of Technology
  • Participance in the project Fuzzy Logic: from Mathematics to Medical Applications, a cooperation of the Vienna University of Technology and the Medical University of Vienna
  • Participance in LoMoReVI (Logical Models of Reasoning with Vague Information), a Collaborative Research Project within the EUROCORES programme LogICCC of the European
    Science Foundation (ESF)
  • Head (on the Austrian side) of the project New Perspective on Residuated Posets, an Austrian-Czech cooperative research project, funded by the FWF and GAČR