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Carlos Cernuda

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Journal Papers:

  • Carlos Cernuda, Edwin Lughofer, Helmut Klein, Clemens Forster, Marcin Pawliczek, Markus Brandstetter, Improved quantification of important beer quality parameters based on non-linear calibration methods applied to FT-MIR spectra, Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, Under revision, 2016


  • Carlos Cernuda, Edwin Lughofer, Thomas Röder, Wolfgang Märzinger, Thomas Reischer, Marcin Pawliczek, Markus Brandstätter, Self-adaptive non-linear methods for improved multivariate calibration in Chemical processes, Lenzinger Berichte, vol. 92, pp 12-32, 2015




  • Carlos Cernuda, Edwin Lughofer, Peter Hintenaus, Wolfgang Märzinger, Enhanced genetic operators design for waveband selection in multivariate calibration based on NIR spectroscopy, Journal of Chemometrics, vol. 28(2), pp 123-136, 2014, DOI: 10.1002/cem.2583



  • Carlos Cernuda, Edwin Lughofer, Lisbeth Suppan, Thomas  Röder, Roman Schmuck, Peter Hintenaus, Wolfgang Märzinger, Jürgen  Kasberger, Evolving Chemometric Models for Predicting Dynamic Process Parameters in Viscose ProductionAnalytica Chimica Acta, vol. 725, pp. 22-38, 2012,


Invited talks:

  • Carlos Cernuda, Non-linear calibration methods in Chemometrics, PAC School #5, Linz, Austria, 2015


  • C. Cernuda, E. Lughofer, T. Reischer, W. Kantner, M. Pawliczek, M. Brandstetter, On-line outlier/redundancy filtering and semisupervised incremental calibration modeling in melamine resine production using FT-NIR spectra, Chemometrics in Analytical Chemistry conference (CAC 2016), Barcelona, Spain, 2016


  • C. Cernuda, E. Lughofer, T. Reischer, W. Kantner, M. Pawliczek, M. Brandstetter, Dinamically slided chemometric models for robust on-line prediction of cloud point in melamine resin production, Conferentia Chemometrica (CC2015), Budapest, Hungary, 2015


  • C. Cernuda, E. Lughofer, H. Klein, C. Forster, M. Pawliczek, M. Brandstetter, Quantification of quality parameters in unfermented beer using a flexible support vector regression variation, Scandinavian Symposium on Chemometrics (SSC2014), Sardinia, Italy, 2015


  • C. Cernuda, E. Lughofer, P. Hintenaus, W. Märzinger, J. Kasberger, Genetic hybridation (HybridGen): A cooperative coevolution algorithm for variable selection, Chemometrics in Analytical Chemistry conference (CAC 2014), Richmond VA, USA, 2014


  • C. Cernuda, E. Lughofer, P. Hintenaus, W. Märzinger, T. Reischer, J. Kasberger, Fuzzy finite state machine for multivariate calibration. Application to near infra-red spectroscopy, European conference on process analytics and control technology (EuroPACT 2014), Barcelona, Spain, 2014


  • E. Lughofer, C. Cernuda and M. Pratama, Generalized Flexible Fuzzy Inference Systems from Data Streams, IEEE Conference on Machine Learning and Applications (ICMLA), Miami, USA, pp 1-7, 2013


  • C. Cernuda, E. Lughofer, G. Mayr, T. Röder, P. Hintenaus, W. Märzinger and J. Kasberger,Decremental Active Learning for Optimized Self-Adaptive Calibration in Viscose ProductionSSC 2013 Conference, Stockholm, 2013


  • C. Cernuda, E. Lughofer, P. Hintenaus, W. Märzinger, T. Reischer, M. Pawliczek, J. Kasberger,Ensembled Self-Adaptive Fuzzy Calibration Models for On-line Cloud Point Prediction, Proceedings of the EUSFLAT 2013 conference, Milano, Italy, pp 17-24, 2013


  • C. Cernuda, E. Lughofer, W. Märzinger and W. Summerer. Hybrid evolutionary particle swarm optimization and ant colony optimization for variable selection. Application to near infrared spectroscopy. Proceedings of the 3rd World Conference on Information Technology (WCIT-2012), Barcelona, Spain; AWERProcedia Information Technology & Computer Science, Vol. 4, pp 6-13, 2013


  • G. Mayr, L.Suppan, F. Zeppetzauer, C. Cernuda, E. Lughofer, H. Trinker, P. Hintenaus, W. Märzinger, T. Röder, Scope and Limitations of Spectroscopic Methods for On- and In-Line Analysis at the Viscose Production. 245th American Chemical Society National Meeting, New Orleans, USA, 2013


  • C. Cernuda, E. Lughofer,W. Märzinger,W. Summerer. Waveband Selection in NIR Spectra using Enhanced Genetic Operators. Chemometrics in Analytical chemistry conference (CAC 2012), Budapest, Hungary, 2012


  • C. Cernuda, E. Lughofer, L. Suppan, T. Röder, R. Schmuck, P. Hintenaus, W. Märzinger, J. Kasberger. Dynamic Quantification of Process Parameters in Viscose Production with Evolving Fuzzy Systems. Advances on Computational Intelligence Communications in Computer and Information Science, Vol. 297, pp 1-10, Springer, 2012


  • T. Röder, G. Mayr, L.Suppan, R. Schmuck, C. Ramsauer, B. Voglauer, W. Märzinger, C. Cernuda, E. Lughofer, H. Trinker, Viscose Manufacturing - New Analytics in an Old Process. Narotech 2012, Messe Erfurt, Thuringia, Germany, 2012 


  • T. Röder, L.Suppan, R. Schmuck, C. Ramsauer, B. Voglauer, W. Märzinger, C. Cernuda, E. Lughofer, Fasern aus Holz - der Viskoseprozess aus der Sicht der Prozessanalytik. Kolloquium - Arbeitskreis Prozessanalytik, Linz, Austria, 2011


  • imPACts ( Industrial Methods for Process Analytical Chemistry - From Measurement Technologies to Information Systems)
  • PAC (Process Analytical Chemistry)