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FLLLame ['flām] is short for FLLL's Advanced Machine learning Environment.

FLLLame is a machine learning environment for supervised learning (N-class problems) with various capabilities:

  • Support for multiple machine learning data formats (import and export)
  • Multiple concurrent data sets
  • Various data operations (data type changes, duplication and deletion on attribute and instance basis, class attribute remapping, etc.)
  • Multithreaded operations on multiple classifiers (training, classification, validation)
  • Ability to export a trained classifier for later use in different environment
  • Grid-Creation of classifiers to easily find the best model parameters for the given training set
  • Various key figures to ease model comparison / selection / evaluation:
  • Confusion matrix (absolute values / percentages)
  • Actual classification results with confidences
  • Various statistics
  • Possibility to export evaluation results as model documentation
  • Customizable window layout

See a screenshot here.

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