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pureImage 2011.05 released


pureImage 2011.05 released

We are proud to announce the third public release of pureImage.

What is pureImage?

pureImage is an open-source cross-language plugin framework, focused on the reuse of freely available image processing libraries. Using pureImage, one can combine and re-use image processing functions, whether originating from different libraries or home-grown code, from different programming languages via a uniform interface. Right now, pureImage can be used under Windows and Linux, from C, C++, and Java. It provides bindings for OpenCV, CImg and other libraries. pureImage is released by the Department of Knowledge-Based Mathematical Systems, Johannes Kepler University Linz, under the terms of the GPL v3. For more information see

What's new?

The most important changes and new features of pureImage 2011.05 are:

  • The C and the C++ API now match more closely.
  • We are now using the CMake build system.
  • Therefore, our current test targets are Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, as well as GCC on Ubuntu Linux 10.04.

See our issue tracker for a more detailed list of changes:

Where to get it?

To get pureImage 2011.05, download the Windows installer or the tarball:

The most current version of pureImage can be obtained from our git repository, via git clone

Who are we?

pureImage is developed at the Department of Knowledge-Based Mathematical Systems of the Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria, by Ulrich Brandstätter, Oliver Buchtala, Robert Pollak, and Roland Richter.