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pureImage 2010.12 released


pureImage 2010.12 with core 1.1.0 released

After passing its first public beta test at Science night 2010, the next release of pureImage finally is released.

This release contains lots of fixed issues, as well as a number of new features:

* Addition of variable arguments to be used when a plug-in should handle multiple argument types.
* The `Runtime` provides a registry mechanism for properties.
* API cleanup of plug-in interface, `Runtime` and `BaseApplication`.
* Switch to FreeMarker template engine for code generation.
* Modification of the build process.
* Integration of OpenCV 2.1.
* Integration of FLLLame classifiers.
* Automatically generated plug-in documentation.
* More examples and applications.

To find out more about pureImage, or download this release, visit