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Microbiological image processing

Biological and especially microscopy images pose a series of particular challenges to image processing. These are mainly caused by characteristics of the biological and microscopy imaging techniques itself leading, e.g., to lack of sharp edges in the images, high variability of objects in the image, a low signal-to-noise ratio, as well as required expert knowledge for image understanding.

The main tasks we are focusing on are:

  • Image reconstruction for fluorescence microscopy
  • Image reconstruction for phase microscopy and interferometry
  • Single dye imaging and tracking
  • Micro-array and Micro-pattern analysis
  • Cell segmentation in DIC microscopy

The typical steps in solving the above mentioned tasks are:

  • Mathematical formalization based on the (physical) image formation model (with special attention to the typical noise distributions)
  • Algorithm design
  • Validation by simulations as well as real images