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Oliver Buchtala, Edwin Lughofer

ASHMOSD = Austrian Structural Health Monitoring System Demonstrator


Ulrich Brandstätter

Tool for efficient audio digitization and quality certification.


Edwin Lughofer, Roland Richter

Dynamically Reconfigurable Quality Control for Manufacturing and Production Processes Using Learning Machine Vision

Fingerprint I (Image Enhancement)

Roland Richter, Robert Pollak

Given a database of fingerprint images, our task is to reduce the rejection rate by enhancing the images.

Fingerprint II (Speedup)

Roland Richter, Robert Pollak

Reducing processing time of fingerprint template extraction and matching without reducing detection quality.

Fingerprint III (EBAM)

Robert Pollak, Roland Richter

"Enhanced Biometrical Algorithms against Manipulation"


Ulrich Brandstätter, Roland Richter

FLLLame ['flām] is short for FLLL's Advanced Machine learning Environment.


Robert Pollak, Roland Richter

Autonomous vehicles, learning and reacting to traffic signs


Bettina Heise, Leila Muresan

Ultrasensitive Proteomics and Genomics


Robert Pollak

Developing a forest navigation and mapping solution.

Image Similarity based on the Discrepancy Norm

Erich Peter Klement, Jean-Luc Bouchot

Image Similarity based on the Discrepancy Norm

Inspections of prints

Robert Pollak, Roland Richter

Improving the quality control of a printing process.

Interpretable and Reliable Evolving Fuzzy Systems (IREFS)

Edwin Lughofer, Erich Peter Klement

Interpretable and Reliable Evolving Fuzzy Systems


Oliver Buchtala, Robert Pollak

Controlling a metal sheet bending process.

PAC (K-Project)

Edwin Lughofer, Carlos Cernuda, Erich Peter Klement

Process Analytical Chemistry - Data Acquisition and Data-Processing


Ulrich Brandstätter, Oliver Buchtala, Robert Pollak, Roland Richter

pureImage is a plug-in development framework that provides a common plug-in interface, generic data structures, and a uniform workflow managed by a runtime environment.


Werner Groißböck, Edwin Lughofer, Roland Richter

Measuring Feelings and Expectations Associated with Textures

UseML (IKT of the Future)

Edwin Lughofer, Robert Pollak, Roland Richter

Improving the usability of machine learning in industrial inspection systems.